About us

About us

we are Torben and Selma and are going on a big adventure all around the world.

With this blog we want to capture and share our experiences, impressions and for sure a lot of interesting stories.

The plan is to have no plan and that feels so good. The only thing we booked until now is our flight to Bangkok – one way! We will see where everything will take us, but at first we need some vacation before the real travel will begin.

Before deciding to go on the big trip Torben (who has a PhD in Chemistry) worked for a big Crop Protection and seed company.

Selma was a teacher at a fashion school and worked as a freelance print and graphic designer. Inspiration is everywhere! For her it feels like a kid in a candystore to look around and making with all those different impressions new work.

At a later date we want to share a few thoughts on how it feels to quit your job, leave home and go on a big trip in your early 30s while everyone around you is making different plans.

We will not travel as vacation only, but want to broaden our horizon, learn new things, enjoy other cultures but also want to earn some money as digital nomads. We will see over time how that works out.

That’s it, now enjoy reading! And in case you have questions drop us an email:


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